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US-4340135-A: Clutch release device patent, US-4349957-A: Method of making a bobbin wound stepping motor patent, US-4377254-A: Centrifuge holder apparatus patent, US-4406003-A: Optical transmission system patent, US-4483944-A: Aluminum titanate-mullite ceramic articles patent, US-4540642-A: Cell design for lithium alloy/metal sulfide battery patent, US-4560771-A: Process for the preparation of 1,2-benzoxathiines patent, US-4561439-A: Thrombectomy catheter patent, US-4709911-A: Automatic sheet feeding device patent, US-4719759-A: Method of and means for disposing of waste salts and brines patent, US-4720716-A: Liquid jet recording head patent, US-4726954-A: Lipolytic enzyme derived from a aspergillus microorganism having an accelerating effect on cheese flavor development patent, US-4747669-A: Lens driving means in a camera patent, US-4771738-A: Dual sleeve boiler mounting apparatus patent, US-4810019-A: Mechanically operated collet chuck for gripping round objects patent, US-4810891-A: Method for the automatic identification of the type of measuring head of a fiber optic measurement value acquisition and transmission device patent, US-4833564-A: Current sensing relay circuit with adjustable sensitivity and tracking test circuit patent, US-4857897-A: Electronic boiling point musical alarm patent, US-4899078-A: Thermionic hairpin cathode patent, US-4944959-A: Process for electrostatic recording comprising charging dielectric sheet to polarity opposite of imaging charge patent, US-4990062-A: Positive displacement pumps patent, US-5124074-A: Anti-foaming agent patent, US-5164823-A: Imaging lidar system employing multipulse single and multiple gating for single and stacked frames patent, US-5319488-A: Terminal equipment and optical communication system using the same patent, US-5476208-A: Superconducting joint for foils used in superconducting magnets patent, US-5489103-A: Interactive communication system for communicating video game and karaoke software patent, US-5519923-A: Non-invasive externally removable casket hardware patent, US-5531658-A: Exercise device for building and rehabilitating waist patent, US-5681919-A: Magnetic recording binder containing aminoalkylphosphonate salt patent, US-5864894-A: Automatic system for personal hygiene following the carrying out of bodily functions patent, US-5938988-A: Multiple optical curve molds formed in a solid piece of polymer patent, US-5949916-A: Modified automatic regressive filter and filtering method therefor patent, US-6033796-A: Chemical reaction battery patent, US-6113182-A: Footrest-table convertible article of furniture patent, US-6127518-A: Monomer-free polyvinyl acetate dispersions and method of making same patent, US-6142636-A: Binocular lens tube protector patent, US-6163191-A: Writing signal timer output circuit which includes a bistable timer signal generator patent, US-6224440-B1: Watercraft exhaust system patent, US-6317148-B1: Thermal transfer recording medium and thermal transfer recording method patent, US-6631742-B1: Hydraulic pressure hose patent, US-6634270-B2: Slitter for an electrode raw material sheet and the slitting process patent, US-6694119-B2: Perfecting press apparatus patent, US-3777113-A: Method of intermittent arc welding using potassium and magnesium electrode additives patent, US-3816814-A: Magnetic phase difference meter patent, US-3827566-A: Multi-level, pleated filter array patent, US-3839600-A: Transcribe control circuit for a dictating system patent, US-3873144-A: Die holding tool and method of using same patent, US-3874225-A: Pressure tester for injector sleeve of diesel engine head patent, US-3931008-A: Apparatus for the treatment of liquid wastes patent, US-3950845-A: Method for making recording head patent, US-4014654-A: Apparatus for producing carbon black patent, US-4069901-A: Momentum type electrically controlled torque producing devices patent, US-4079987-A: Container system for entertainment and communications equipment patent, US-4085018-A: Photocurable resin compositions patent, US-4105448-A: Electrophotographic photosensitive layer and marking method patent, US-4141051-A: Variable dynamic range magneto-resistive head patent, US-4164694-A: Means for indicating the profile of a workpiece patent, US-4217465-A: Splice boot with retention means patent, US-4226252-A: Electro-mechanical winnings distribution assembly for slot machines patent, US-4232143-A: Polyester which exhibits anisotropy in the melt containing p-oxybenzoyl units and 4,4'-dioxybenzophenone units or methyl and chloro derivatives thereof patent, US-4249928-A: Gas hearth bed with grooved exit portion patent, US-4305098-A: Apparatus for recording television images on cine film patent, CN-107506346-A: 一种基于机器学习的中文阅读难度分级方法及系统 patent, US-4319866-A: Fan patent, US-4325997-A: Processable cellulose ester compositions patent, US-4327988-A: Apparatus for treating photographic materials patent, US-4374109-A: Manufacture of phosphosiderite iron phosphate patent, US-4376775-A: N-[4-(4-Pyridinyl)phenyl]ureas and their cardiotonic use patent, US-4450454-A: Small size ink jet printer patent, US-4454838-A: Steam generator having a circulating fluidized bed and a dense pack heat exchanger for cooling the recirculated solid materials patent, US-4470835-A: Shaping sheets of glass or other deformable material to a complicated curvature patent, US-4501429-A: Mechanical seal flush agitator and wear monitor for mechanical seals patent, US-4504003-A: Apparatus for cutting ceramic tile patent, US-4526230-A: Double walled screen-filter with perforated joints patent, US-4534745-A: Percussion cap firing toy vehicle and track assembly patent, US-4577640-A: Method and apparatus for direct in vivo monitoring of uterine electrical activity patent, US-4583222-A: Method and apparatus for self-testing of floating point accelerator processors patent, US-4693172-A: Automatic mist preventing system for vehicle transparencies patent, US-4694059-A: Polyalloocimene and method for the preparation thereof patent, US-4711539-A: Support structure for protective mask optical insert patent, US-4784062-A: Fuze for a projectile-forming charge patent, US-4798065-A: Lock having a reversible right and left hand bolt patent, US-5006696-A: Face-like heating device patent, US-5040563-A: Adjustable air pressure valve patent, US-5068363-A: Cyclohexenylmethloxabicyclooctanes, processes for preparing same, intermediates used in said processes and organoleptic uses of said cyclohexenylmethloxabicyclooctanes and intermediates therefor patent, US-5069343-A: Stackable recycling storage bin apparatus patent, US-5094303-A: Impact apparatus and process for the control of impact apparatus patent, US-5144642-A: Interference detection and characterization method and apparatus patent, US-5146774-A: Lift mechanism for installation and removal of press brake dies patent, US-5262577-A: Method to convert refuse derived fuel into a combustible gas patent, US-5265135-A: Instrumentation and control scheme for implementing a boron isotopic enrichment process patent, US-5278819-A: Disk storage device having a carriage locking mechanism patent, US-5301439-A: Desiccant rotor of a dehumidifier patent, US-5305600-A: Propulsion engine patent, US-5312858-A: Construction article from waste materials and method of making the same patent, US-5320364-A: Mandrel with expandable high temperature elastomeric polymer disk and process for using mandrel patent, US-5365105-A: Sidewall anti-fuse structure and method for making patent, US-5416032-A: Method of making a high conductivity p-plus region for self-aligned, shallow diffused, bipolar transistors patent, US-5436294-A: Polyphthalamide blends patent, US-5538380-A: Metallic nut for use with ceramic threads patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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